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The Museum of Earth Sciences
The Museum of Earth Sciences was formed within the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, ÇOMU. Its primarily aim is to serve students and lovers of nature exhibiting the collections of the various types of minerals, rocks, gemstones and fossils.

The arranging of the museum collections started in September 2009. Later the first exhibition of the museum open its gate to visitors on 26.12.2010 with an enriching variety of minerals, rocks, fossils, and private collections, the first room had only 14 display cabinets.

Under the support of the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering – Architecture, the museum moved to its new location. The exhibition consists of collected samples from various regions of the world. The short information about samples and donor person and / or institutions are also presented in the displays cabinets. The names of the donors are also given in the related link.

In adition to the collections, a showroom for earth science education and an exhibition room for the old devices of the department of the Geodesy and Geophysics engineering are open for visitors.

The exhibition cabinets were provided by ÇOMÜ, Directorate of Administrative and Financial Affairs and the Directorate of Health, Culture and Sport department. The web site has been prepared by the Department of Informatics and Technology.

Our museum will continue growing through both interchange and direct contribution of samples. To gain more information about this, you can contact us through our contact page.

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